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Management Board

Tina Lindgreen

Founder and President

Background: Corporate HR advisor and trainer, executive coach, project manager and trainer for global conventions.


“My team and I are building a solid platform for a message of hope and solutions to the world’s biggest problems.

I have founded WAFA because I see that water, air and food for all is possible. It brings me joy and frees up my passion to work for the good.”

Kirk Laidlaw

Manager – Global Reach

Background in PR and marketing communications and an early adapter of new media. Business owner, presenter, and consummate volunteer.


“I truly love to help out – but to direct my skills and energies towards projects that are far-reaching yet attainable. I first encountered WAFA not through a person, but through its mission. This mission is global in its scope, but so human in its application.

My hope is to see this young organisation continue to develop its own stature so the recognition it brings to award finalists allows them to more fully expand their influence and programs, to the benefit of so many single human beings, and thus the globe.”


Lili H. Boesen

Board Member

A microbiologist by profession, Lili is a Master of Management with experience in clean tech R&D, project funding, business consulting, and networking events. Her specialties are eco-innovation and strategic planning for entrepreneurs and small companies.


“Water, air and food-related projects are basic to everyone’s well-being. I am also convinced that entrepreneurial projects drive change in their communities. WAFA’s focus and entrepreneurial flair give me the opportunity to use my skills in both these areas”.


Administration Team

Carlos Saraiva

WAF Media & IT

A native of Portugal, Carlos’ background is in IT, largely in the energy sector. His experience ranges from multinationals to nonprofits.


“I love helping Water Air Food Award because I share WAFA’s vision – water, air, food and peace for all, not some time in the future, but in my lifetime”.


Andrii Kuzmyn

Project Manager

Andrii has a background in business administration with commercial and project management experience from international companies.


“I would like to apply my knowledge and skills for the development of NGO with inspiring ideas, entrepreneurial spirit and great multicultural team. I believe such humanitarian initiatives play a key role in consciousness awakening and evolution of civilization”.


Pauline Cook

Finance and budgeting

“I worked for 20 years in public-sector financial management in the UK, including 14 years as an audit manager overseeing local authority spending.

Since retiring in 2013, I spend my time teaching yoga (a long time passion), enjoying my growing family of grandchildren and volunteering with WAFA. I live in Somerset, UK, with my husband, Peter”.


“With the technology available, nobody ought to lack the basic necessities of human life: good clean food, air and water. Society should make it an urgent priority to secure the provision of food and water and clean air for all. We can make this a reality in our lifetimes. WAFA is a leading light in bringing this challenge onto the public stage, engaging decision makers internationally, and encouraging a wonderful process of attitude change”.

Sarah Inna Timofejeva

Human Resources Manager

Sarah is a Master of International Business from Copenhagen Business School. Having lived and studied in Copenhagen for several years, Sarah has discovered her biggest passion in life: helping people become the best versions of themselves and lead a fulfilling life with the help of psychology, mindfulness and spiritual practices.


“I have always been a humanitarian at heart and wanted to work for an NGO. WAFA brings me the fulfilment of applying my business and people skills: doing what I love for a good cause”.


Juliet Lifongo

PA for President

Juliet is a Master of Peace and Development Studies from Leeds Metropolitan University, England and has a Bachelor of Science in Sociology and Anthropology from the University of Buea, Cameroon. Her passion is working with development-oriented organizations, individuals and communities to sustainably improve the livelihoods and rights of poor and marginalized people across the world.


“WAFA’s aim is noble. It is the fundamental right of every human being to have food security, clean air and potable water. Indeed, a defining challenge of our time is to ensure this right for individuals and communities, particularly in developing countries. I share this vision and hope to contribute to making it a reality!”

Communications Team

Fabrizio Negossa

Graphic designer

An accomplished artist, hailing from Italy, Fabrizio managed a store for years where he sold his drawings. When the computer age dawned, new perspectives on art opened up. Now he’s also a graphic and Web designer, where he believes creativity is “my daily bread”.


“A more sustainable and peaceful world is something we all want. WAFA has an incredible potential. Collaborating with WAFA is a beautiful way to start creating a better world, and overall it makes me feel good”.


Nikita Gavrilovs

Production & Broadcast

“I am Nikita Gavrilovs, born in Stavropol, Russia, in 1990. Since 2009, I’ve been living in Copenhagen, doing my studies and work.

I worked for several media companies, advertising agency, newspaper, magazine and on television.

Worked as cameraman on TED Talks (TEDxCopenhagen), educated as multimedia designer from Køge Business College, and got a bachelor degree in e-Concept development from KEA (Købebhavns Erhvervsakademi).


I joined WAFA, because of international team, inspiring vision and amazing and promising future”.

Richard Reive

English language editor
Canadian by birth, Richard is a Master of Political Science, holds a BA and teaching diploma in English, and certificates in translation and interpretation (English, French, Spanish). Some 40 years of professional experience include teaching, translating, interpreting and editing.


“Contributing to WAFA’s mission is a unique opportunity. I also appreciate working with a dynamic inter-generational team”.


Maria D’Andrea

IT expert & Web Architect

Maria was born in Italy where she studied law, communications, marketing and computer science, qualifying her as a Web architect and journalist. Her technical expertise is in IT and graphics, including Word Press and Photoshop. She has experience in on-Web project management and website updating. Now living in Denmark, she has started up her own IT company and serves as graphics editor for the Italian-Danish magazine Il Ponte


“WAFA’s purpose is praiseworthy; food, air and water are the basis of life. It is also really satisfying to do what I love, especially for a noble cause, and I am glad to be part of such a great team”.


Kumar Gaurab

Kumar Gaurab

Strategy Implementation

Kumar is a Master of Business Administration (MBA, full time) from Copenhagen Business School Denmark and has a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical), from the National Institute of Technology, Durgapur, India. He has over nine years of experience in project planning, cost controlling and monitoring in large-scale capital projects in India and Qatar, as well as a year in business strategy development for Danish companies.

“Born and raised in India, I decided to an MBA in Denmark to gain a culturally diverse perspective and put myself into a supportive environment for international talent. I aspire to take an active role in promoting sustainability in the world society. WAFA provides me a platform to apply my skills and passion”.


Faith W. Walgwe

Strategy Implementation

Faith is a Master of Science and Technology from the University of Aalborg and has a Bachelor of Commerce from Victoria University, New Zealand. A passionate advocate for women, she champions strengthening capacity, increasing the visibility of initiatives, and developing community in order to secure sustainability.

“WAFA recognizes exceptional pioneers who are making a difference to secure food, air and water for all. WAFA helps drive this change and gives me the opportunity to use my skills and experience in these areas”.

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