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The Call for applications for the 2016 WAF Awards is now open

End hunger. Bring water to every human being. Save the environment.
This is what world leaders talk about, NGOs work for, and we all hope to achieve in the near future. Every day, outstanding people no-one has heard of make these goals a reality one amazing step at a time. Help us bring them to the world and celebrate them!

The WAF Awards

At WAFA, our main goal is to make vital needs like water, air, and food undeniable human rights.

Every year, we acknowledge and promote outstanding individuals and organisations creating sustainable solutions that bring water, clan air, and food to all. We present them with the WAF Awards, and we strive to give them the visibility they deserve to continue making this world a better place.

Why an award?

In a world where negative news gets the spotlight, hope comes from acknowledging the good: the initiatives that contribute to the greater goal one sustainable step at a time.

By celebrating people and their solutions, we share with the world ideas that work and help turn them into best practices.

By receiving recognition and support, these pioneers can carry on the wonderful work in bringing water, clean air, and food to those who need them. They become the models of best practices this world desperately needs.

How it works

We need your help in identifying these outstanding individuals and organisations, and promoting their sustainable solutions. From April 22 to June 12, the call for applications is open to any individual or organisation that has been developing and implementing breakthrough solutions for sustainable water, food and clean air practices.

A committee of experts will select a short-list of initiatives that best meet the selection criteria : sustainability, innovation, empowerment, scalability, replicability, and social and environmental impact.

In the next step, you will have the chance to vote for your favourite project from the shortlist, share it with the world and gather support to make sure they win the WAF Award. You decide who the world celebrates on (date and location of Award ceremony, if known..)!

See amazing stories of hope from past candidates and winners

Spread the word!

You can do a great deal of good by sharing this call with your network, and help identify and celebrate amazing people and their water, air and food best practices. #Bringittotheworld!

If you know potential candidates, pass this message on and encourage them to apply here. You can also email us at, and we will get in touch with them.

If you or your organisation are running a sustainable initiatives, make sure we get your application form by June 15!

Get in touch! Any questions or ideas? We’d love to hear from you.