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Celebrate Exceptional Pioneers

“Our passion is to ensure all human beings have clean water, air and food ‒ the basis of life. Through WAFA we promote sustainable initiatives that focus on this quest, helping to replicate and scale them worldwide.”

Tina Lindgreen
Founder and President

WAF Awards – celebrate hope

WAFA believes that clean water and air and healthy food are every person’s birthright. Together, we can all make that a reality. WAFA works to identify innovative visionaries, from around the world, who are creating proven breakthrough solutions. We call them Exceptional Pioneers.

Exceptional Pioneers in the areas of food, air and water — they are all over the globe.  We are interested in hearing about every one.  We want to bring them into the limelight of public awareness, so that more opportunities will be available to them; they need to recognized and celebrated for the good deeds they are doing in the world.

The call for applications to the Humanitarian Water Air Food Awards is open to individuals, groups and organisations operating anywhere in the world to develop and implement solutions that bring water, food and clean air to those in need. The main condition is for the projects to have been in place for at least 2 years at the time of applying.

The highlight of the year is the award ceremony, in which the winners are presented with the WAF Award trophy. The ceremony is a celebration of hope where award finalists with their exceptional initiatives receive international exposure and the opportunity to connect with strategic partners and share their experiences with academics, business leaders and the world.

Selection criteria


The project introduces new or better technologies, models or practices into areas in need.


The initiative has potential to grow and provide bigger impact.


The model is built on the pillars of economic and social development and protection of biodiversity.


The solution provides a learning model of sustainable practices that can be implemented in other communities.


Your project creates new and better opportunities for the affected communities and will empower their members.


The project has significant actual and potential environmental, economic and social impact.

To apply to the awards, download and fill in the application form at the link above, and send it to us at Include any relevant documentation that can help us better understand and evaluate your project.

The deadline for submitting the application is June 12, 2016.

After this date, the expert committee will evaluate all applications and select a shortlist of qualified projects.  These pioneers will then be featured in our “Bring Them To The Worldcampaign to create global awareness and support, and the finalists and winners will be decided by public vote.