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جميع جهودنا، سواء كانوا من الاستدامة، لإطعام الجياع، جلب المياه النقية – في طريقتنا الخاصة، نريد أن نخلق قليلاً من الجنة هنا على الأرض؛ لترك إرثاً من تلك الجنة للأجيال القادمة، وهكذا هم ايضا يعيشون على حلم خلق قليلاً من الجنة في وقتهم، للأجيال القادمة”.
                                                                بريم روات في احتفال جائزة وافا في لندن 2014

We are WAFA

The Humanitarian Water Air Food Awards. Our mission is to acknowledge and promote sustainable initiatives all over the world that help bring water, clean air and food to those who need them most.

tree on the earth in hands concept,elements of this image furnished by NASA

Our global mission is supported by inspiring patrons and ambassadors.

Promote sustainable initiatives

Secure food, water and breathable air for all. Outstanding individuals and organisations make sustainable goals a reality every day. Together, we #BringThemToTheWorld and celebrate them!


Since 2010, WAFA honors water, air and food pioneers all over the world.

Celebrate outstanding pioneers

The WAF Awards ceremony is a yearly celebration of exceptional pioneers and their life changing solutions to global problems. It is our honor to present them to the world in a magnificent event.


The 2015 WAF Awards Ceremony was hosted by Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Apply to WAF Awards 2016

The call for applications to the 4th Humanitarian WAF Awards is open between April 22 and June 12 to individuals and organisations anywhere in the world developing sustainable projects to secure water, air and food for communities in need.

wafa call
Professor Virginia Li’s pilot program to replace tobacco crops in China

Professor Li set up three test sites in Yunnan Provence, China, to replace tobacco crops. This is part of an effort to convince the highest producing tobacco country in the world that there are more advantageous ways to promote a healthy ecology and economy.

4 After Community Garden
WAFA welcomes its newest patron

On February 3, the distinguished Professor Emerita, Virginia Li, UCLA Fielding School of Public Health, became a WAFA patron. She is currently joined by WAFA President Tina Lindgreen in China, to identify and promote sustainable projects.


Support the cause


Become a strategic partner and help scale sustainable solutions that secure water, air and food for all.


Volunteers are the beating heart of WAFA. Join our international team and make a difference.


Donate or buy a gift to support the global mission of sharing good deeds.


Tell the story! Bringing lifesaving initiatives to the world is one click away. Share our call for action and make it happen.